Rajini and the cannibal  

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A cannibal from Nigeria came to India on a tour. One fine day, he watched the movie 'Arunachalam' starring Rajini. He loved the characters in the movie. He imagined how tasty they would be. Apart from tht, he also liked some of the scenes from the movie--

Arunachalam's Dad(to his son): Do you know why I am giving you so much money and asking you to spend all of it in 30 days? There is a story behind it....
When I was young, I was addicted to Cigars. I would smoke atleast 10 packets of cigars per day. On seeing this, my father asked me, "Kannaa! Do you like cigars so much?". "Yes", replied I. That night my dad took me inside a room. It was full of cigars. Virtually every nook and corner was filled with Cigars. "I want you to finish smoking all these cigars before tomorrow morning", said my dad and he locked the door from outside. Being an ambitious person, I took it as a challenge and smoked every one of those cigars, and I completed all the packets by morning. When I came out, I realised that I no longer had any passion for cigars. In fact I started to hate the smell of the smoke.
The movie ended and the cannibal enjoyed the rest of his holidays.

After 3 months...

The cannibal's friend met him at a vegetarian restaurant. He was totally surprised and asked , "You were a compulsive cannibal who loved ladies fingers and fingerchips in the literal sense; you used to cut red-heads instead of carrot heads. And now, what am I seeing? You're sitting in a vegetarian restaurant!!! Are you waiting for the waiter?"
The cannibal replied," No. I am a pure vegetarian now."
The friend couldn't believe this. He asked," Oh!! What did you do in these 3 months that converted you totally?".
The once-was-a-cannibal replied, "I worked at the cemetry as an undertaker."

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