Saturday, July 01, 2006

"I've sinned. I am heartless.
Today, she came to me and pleaded for her son's life. She fell to my feet and asked me to forgive her son for what he did. But I didn't listen to her. I killed her son. I killed him--just like that!
There are people out there searching for me. But I know, they will never be able to find me. This small world I've built for myself..I can be anywhere in it. They won't find me. I have the power. I have the support.
Even today, there are hundreds of people who have entrusted everything on me. They believe that I can work wonders. Of course, there are people who don't believe; there are people who are doubtful; there are people who do not care if I exist or not. I feel a mild pain when I think of these people, but the pain disappears when I think about the eternal love the majority of the people have for me.
But now, I am beginning to feel guilty. Am I doing justice to the people who love me? I cause destruction in the cities directly or indirectly. I am responsible for the deaths of innumerable number of people in this world. I am responsible for the troubles they are undergoing. I am responsible for everything.
Is there any way out of this?
Oh my!! When humans are confused or troubled, they pray to me. When I am confused and troubled, to whom do I pray?"<

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