Saturday, August 18, 2007

When I was searching for a topic to write an article on for TEEN ENGINE, I remembered my strange old-friend called Nitin, who was destined to speak in palindromes.
It all started when a young woman called Reema got married to a handsome man called Ameer and became Mrs. Reema Ameer. They never realised that the palindrome formed by the union of their names would have such a great influence in future.
They named their only son, Nitin. Nitin was born on 28.11.82 which was a palindrome in itself. Everything in Nitin's life was palindromic. His mother-tongue was Malayalam. He did his B.E. in E.C.E. at Anna University. He named his dog, Bob. Bob barked, 'WOW..WOW'.
Since I felt it would be better to interview a man who talks in palindromes, than interviewing a dog that barks in palindromes, I went to meet Nitin. He was dozing on his sofa.
Here is the transcript of the conversation:

I: Nitin! Nitin!
Nitin: Is it I? It is I.
I: Drowsy, eh? How about a cigar?
N: Cigar? Toss it in a can. It is so tragic.
I: Hey Nitin. I am so tired. Aren't you gonna offer your guest a drink?
N: Hey, Yeh!!
I: Hmm..Shall I have a lemonade?..Or some watermelon juice, please?
N: No lemons, no melon
I: Oh..Okay. A glass of red rum?
N: Red rum, sir, is murder.
I: Oh My God!! You have nothing?I feel like killing you!!
N: Murder for a jar of red rum?
I: Yeah!!
N: Do go to God.
I: Okay, Never mind. Here is the tabloid I told you about. Its called TEEN ENGINE.
N: Look, sire, paper is kool!
I: Overall, What do you feel about it?
N: Must sell at tallest sum.
I: Huhh!! No..Its free circulation. Anyways, can u pose for the camera. Our readers would want to see how you look like.
N: Oh, cameras are macho!!


I: Alright, Nitin. Before I leave, would you like to say something to our readers?
N: Live not on evil.
I: Wow!! Thats a good one. Finally, tell me something. This is out-of-record. How are you able to speak in palindromes so skillfully?
N: Because if I didn’t, I would sound something like this: "Siht ekil gnihtemos dnuos dluow I"

- A. M. Abinand

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