Survival of the fittest! Define fittest!  

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Researchers describe what's happening as none other than the selection process that Darwin made famous: the fittest of a species survive to reproduce and pass along their traits to succeeding generations, while the traits of the unfit gradually disappear. Selective hunting picking out individuals with the best horns or antlers, or the largest piece of hide works in reverse: the evolutionary loser is not the small and defenseless, but the biggest and best-equipped to win mates or fend off attackers.

When hunting is severe enough to outstrip other threats to survival, the unsought, middling individuals make out better than the alpha animals, and the species changes. "Survival of the fittest" is still the rule, but the "fit" begin to look unlike what you might expect. And looks aren't the only things changing: behavior adapts too, from how hunted animals act to how they reproduce.

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X=? Y=?  

Monday, January 05, 2009

'Species-X is wiped off the face of Planet-Y'. How do I care?

But give species-X a name, give planet-Y a name, make me visit Planet-Y for a month and give me sweet memories of it, accompanied by a member of Species-X so that I know what colour it likes, and what it eats for breakfast, and what its deepest desires are.

'Species-X is wiped off the face of Planet-Y'. Now, do I care?
I DO !!

The call for peace is not made heard by the explosion of a bomb.
Make it felt by love. Make it heard. Make it personal!

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