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Saturday, December 10, 2005


I guess this is the first music review of 'Rang de basanti'. It has been written by a person with a screen name 'univ', in www.uglued.com. And since the page cannot be visited by 'googling', I present it here..

I will warn you that usually songs by ARR require more than a few hearings but still I go ahead with the review.

1)Ek Onkar:
Seems like a prayer. A small song. OK.

2)Rang De Basanti (Daler Mehndi) This is the song in the first promo. There's a strange bit of music(you must have heard it in the promo) and that's the best part of the song. I would have wished ARR used it more, but it appears only at the start and end. The song is really long and the lyrics sound repetitive. Most probable the song will sound better with the visuals.

3)Paathshala(Naresh Iyer) The best song of the album. There is another rap version to this song. It has youthful lyrics by Prasoon Joshi. Some of the lines in chorus include "I am a rebel","Na koi padhne valla, na koi seekhne valla" ,"apni tho patshalla,masti ki patshalla" and "Cruise Control". Then those who listen to his tamil music will know how they include lot of English lyrics in the song.This song has lots of it with words like yaaron ki equation,love multiplication,alpha,theta, ishq ka practical kiya,H2So4 hai...... Music mainly involves lot of Guitar.

4)Tu Bin Bataye(Naresh Iyer,sadhna Sargam)
A very slow long melody song

5)Khalbali(ARR) Sung by ARR the song has a Arabic feel. Hope its not inspired from some Arabic song.

6)Khoon chala(Mohit Suri) Another slow melody.

7)Patshala(Blaaze) Repeat but this is the RAP version by Blaaze. It seems to be a patriotic song with lyrics like " To the mahal of taj,to the minar of qutub,to the kumari of kanya, to the panjim of Goa.... all have something to say". There's also a strange beep that comes twice in the song and it feels as though your PC is making the beep!!!

8)Luka Chuppi(LataM and ARR) Another melody with Lata and ARR singing together for the first time.

Sung by Aamir. They needlessly hyped this song. Its just dialogue by Aamir with ARR's typical haunting music in the background

10)Roobaru(Naresh Iyer,ARR)
A good song with a Lucky Ali type of feel to it. A good song to listen when ur traveling.

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2 comments: to “ Rang De Basanti Music review

  • kavita
    Thursday, December 15, 2005 2:43:00 AM  

    I think abhinand has not done justice to this album lukka chuppi is a masterpiece...lat mangeshkar has surprised all of us with her voice at this age..prasoon joshi has written words wchich are very fresh and imaginative...A.R is just too good i also like Roobaroo its a song wchich grows on you great singing by naresh and what amazing words....suraj ko nigal gaya main .. wow...A.R rehman is great..

  • Abinand
    Thursday, December 15, 2005 4:50:00 AM  

    Those were not my words..It wasn't my review anyways. Personally, I like Lukka Chuppi very much. A R Rahman's voice is amazing in this number.


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