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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Antonio Gonzalez

“I love my house. I have been staying in this house of mine for many years. I was happy when I was alone in this house. But now, I am not.

This man, Henry, with whom I have been living for around 3 years, is an extremely boring individual. He never cares for me. I don't have any respect in this house now. Even the dog barks at me. I feel like killing myself but I can't.

Now, what am I doing at this time, instead of sleeping? Why am I pondering over my plight?

Hey! What was that noise? It came from the other room. It’s very unusual in my house. No one moves in the house after 11 PM, except me. And I don't think I am moving either. So what was that sound? Let me go and check it out. No... No... What if it’s the dog? He would start barking at me and wake up my neighbors. Hmm... Let me guess. Would it have been Henry? No… That’s not possible. He sleeps like a log till morning. What if its a burglar? Shall I go and see? No. No...

Hey! Why am I not ready to go and check it out? Am I scared? Never! How can I get scared? No... I am not afraid. I will go and see for myself.

Hey! Did I hear the sound again? Yes, I did. But this time, I guess I saw a flash of light too. Let me move slowly towards the light.5 steps and that's it..







Oh! It’s you, Henry! I was so scared. Anyways you can't hear me talk. What's the point in talking to you?

Everyone knows that humans are afraid of ghosts. But does anyone know that the feeling is mutual?"

-Antonio Gonzalez

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