Thursday, January 12, 2006

From the heart..

I had posted this story on November 24, 2005. Since then, I've found many people searching for 'tirupur train blast' and ending up at my page. I also received a couple of mails asking me if I knew if it was a true story or fiction..and that if it was fiction, who wrote it?

I got the story as an E-mail forward from a friend. I posted it on my blog and never cared about anything else.. But when I found that hundreds of people are receiving the same forward even today, I felt I needed to find the answers.

These were the details I found out..

1. It is not a true story.

2. Here are some details about the author:
Ramsubramaniam Suraj is currently working as a Project Engineer in the Nortel Optical project Wipro. He loves writing fiction and has written a novel called Revolution and also a book of short stories called S1 - A train journey. Suraj is currently working on his next book called You and Me. Apart from writing, he is also passionate about debating and has won numerous accolades at the school level.

**However, I am not sure about the authencity of these details.

So, all you googlers searching for Shalini + Doctor + Tirupur + Train blast. you can sleep in peace now:)

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