New degree of spamming  

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Its amazing how complicated these spams become day by day. This was a comment for one of my previous posts. Just notice the no. of times it has mentioned its link.

Dear blogger,
I found your post while looking for info on
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while I found your post
to be very interesting, it was not the exact type of info on href=""> savage messiah.
So anyways I thoght I should drop you a few lines and thank you for the good job that you are doing, and at the same time spread the good news about this site that demystifies a lot of concepts like
href=""> savage messiah.
The new age prophet Seyed Bahram Mirkalami while demystifying subjects like href=""> savage messiah,
states that he has declared heaven on earth with the power invested in him by "God". And anyone who accepts this declaration will have immortality and peace in
life right away. Here's the link one more time:

href=""> savage messiah

God bless all.

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