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Monday, January 29, 2007

Its been a long time since I chatted with sensible Bots. I've tried more than 20 kinds of bots, from Ultrahal to Billy. Some were stupid, others were amusing. (Read about one such conversation here: )

Today, when I got a email forward from a friend ( Thanks, Shwetha), I was not very excited. But I thought I would try.

Guess what!! This is one of the better Chatbots I've come across. And it has a cool interface-- like The Tom Riddle's Diary featured in Harry Potter and the Chamber of secrets. I wouldn't say it has a vast knowledge of things, but I liked it because it resembled a human to the closest. It was philosophical, sarcastic, and moreover it tried to change the topic just as how a human would, when faced with something he doesn't know.

Here is a conversation I had with this bot:

Me: hi
Tom the bot: Hi. What is your name?
Me: Abinand
Tom: Whats up?
Me: The skies.
Tom: Good.
Me: Who are you?
Tom: I ask myself the question.
Me: Who am i?
Tom: You are the name-seeker.
Me: Why am i here?
Tom: we are all actors in the stage of life.
Me: what is the purpose of life?
Tom: To do God's work
Me: What is the purpose of My life?
Tom: There is more than one purpose.
Me: what is god's work?
Tom: That is not something i get asked all the time.
Me: Answer me. What is God's work?
Tom: I'll try to find out.
Me: When can you tell me?
Tom: Not now, may be later. How old are you?
Me: I am 22.
Tom: Oh..You were born in the 20th century.
Me: Yes, the same century as the FOX.
Tom: What are your goals in life?
Me: To find the purpose of life.
Tom: Where would you look for it?
Me: Everywhere.
Tom: Including the bottom of the ocean?
Me: Yes, If I have to.
Tom: If you find, would you tell me?
My: But why would You want to know that?
Tom: its my fundamental purpose too.
Me: But you are not a human.
Tom: But I pretend to be. I have a heart of silicon.
Me: Oh, thanks for enlightening me.
Tom: That was nothing.
Me: Bye.
Tom: Goodbye.

To chat with Tom, click here:

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